Eviquire is the First Blockchain Native Forensic Web Browser.

EVIQUIRE is the perfect solution to help you quickly collect online evidence without compromising compliance with forensic standards and best practices.

All collected artifacts are organized under dedicated case files, and an acquisition report is created to help you have all the information summarized. As a bonus, we timestamp in blockchain the evidence package.

Our software is developed to fulfill ISO IEC 27037 2012 standard on identifying, collecting, acquiring and preserving digital evidence.


Represent the Next Generation flexible and easy-to-use Web Forensic solution!


EVIQUIRE Desktop version is compatible with Windows and Linux.
And of course, you can run it on virtual machines too.


EVIQUIRE Cloud lets you use the software without worrying about any installation.
Just log in and start acquiring evidence!

Best Value for Money

Our subscription model offers the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability to meet customer requirements.


Our product is designed and built to offer you the quickest and most stable way to acquire online evidence. Every time. Anytime.


Our product is developed using the latest technologies to provide the fastest Cross-Platform solution available in the market, including Next-Generation Blockchains for timestamping.


For specialists around the world, we make Web Forensic acquisition simple, reliable and fast!

Forensic Experts

Forensic Experts

Preserve your customer's online evidence as fast as possible before they get canceled!


Protect your groundbreaking case evidence from being treated as fake news by freezing your public sources.
HR & Due Diligence Teams

HR & Due Diligence Teams

Reinforce Background Checks for professional hiring clearance or investigate a breach of T&C or NDA.
Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

During any police investigation, the preservation of online content evidence is made easy.
Private Investigators

Private Investigators

Collect and preserve online information in a matter of a click!
OSINT Investigators

OSINT Investigators

Investigate Online events, frauds, scams, suspicious online activity or fake news
Copyright & Trademark Lawyers

Copyright & Trademark Lawyers

Investigate and preserve evidence of Copyright and Trademark Infringement!
Patents & I.P.  Law Firms & Legal Departments

Patents & I.P. Law Firms & Legal Departments

Collect Evidence related to Patents, social media reputational damages or intellectual property infringement.
Cyber Threat Intelligence Expert

Cyber Threat Intelligence Expert

Investigate the Dark Web and preserve cyber criminal traces to build your case.


You can use Eviquire in many different scenarios including the below most common ones:

Cyber Crimes

No matter the type of cyber crime you are investigating, you should collect the Evidence as soon as possible in the best possible way.


Although most of the Terrorism related information is used for short-term prevention operations, do not ignore that there might be a trial one day involving that piece of information. In doubt, capture it!

Social Media Crimes

It's rare to find crimes that do not involve, in one way or another, some social media evidence; having a tool ready to be used when needed to capture them is paramount.

Online Frauds & Defamation

Whenever you need to fight for your rights, do not forget to capture any Evidence that might suddenly disappear!

Cyber Bullying

No matter how unpleasant it might seem, keeping a good case containing all the evidence collected along the way will be essential in a Court of Law.

Disgruntled Employee

It's essential to preserve evidence that might be a key component in a legal case against a disgruntled employee.

Patent, Trademark & I.P. Infringement

Collect Evidence related to Patents or Intellectual Property Infringement that might be used in a Legal Case in future.

Copyright & Utility Models Infringement

Whenever you discover someone misusing your Copyright, it's vital to take a forensics screenshot for future use in Court.

Cyber Threat Investigations

When you investigate the Dark Web or other criminal-related online pages, it's crucial to take a forensic copy of what you find that might end up in a Case.


Eviquire applies a technology-first approach to Web Forensics with some innovative benefits:

Cross Platform

Feel free to use Eviquire on Windows and Linux

Hybrid License

Buy one license and enjoy Eviquire Everywhere! Both in your Desktop or as Cloud Application.

Virtual Machines Ready

We do advise to run Eviquire in a linux VM so that if required, you can easily attach the entire VM to the legal case.

Evidence Forensic Value

Enjoy Forensic Package created by Eviquire is going well over the Best Practices in terms of Evidence Integrity.


To provide the strongest integrity confirmation, the entire acquisition session is video and network recorded.

Multi Blockchain Timestamp

Each Forensic Package created by Eviquire is timestamped in real time using multiple blockchains.

Forensic Reports creation

Automatic Forensic Reports are created at any stage of the Acquisition.

No Acquisition Environment

No need create and maintain a complex acquisition environments, Eviquire does the heavy job for you!

Anti Extension Fingerprinting

Since Eviquire is a Native Forensic Browser, it's not vulnerable to Extension Fingerprinting

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