Download EVIQUIRE Desktop Application

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Eviquire for Windows

Requires Windows 10 or 11

Download For Windows

Eviquire for Linux

Requires Ubuntu 20.04

Download For Linux

Eviquire for Mac

Requires Apple Silicon

Coming Soon

Do not forget to check the Hash of the Installation package with the ones listed below

Latest Version:

Version released Apr 1st 2024
Windows Installer SHA256 Hash: 2b62e296700d4a31f9fe4572aa05b5fea58a8f2adb6bcf0bd246a44440742eeb
Linux Installer SHA256 Hash: 1e7c4d3e2287de0beadc3d3d4b85239bd310b4cf18f06617bef0d621cc291e90
Mac Installer SHA256 Hash: Coming Soon